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Theoretical Literature

  • Levitan and Shubik (1972)[1] study a Bertrand-Edgeworth duopoly with symmetric firms, linear demand, and efficient rationing.
  • Kreps and Scheinkman (1983)[2] extend the equilibrium analysis to asymmetric capacities and concave demand; they further consider a two-stage game with quantity precommitment in the first stage.
  • Hirata (2009)[3] solves the Bertrand-Edgeworth game for three firms.
  • De Francesco and Salvadori (2009)[4] have some further results and theoretical references.

The aforementioned literature is on Bertrand-Edgeworth model. It should be noted that a mathematically very similar setting is that of Varian's model of sales. There is a lot of literature on that one too. Search literature is related as well.

Experimental Literature

  • Axelrod (1984)[5] did a computer tournament for a repeated prisoner's dilemma. This is a classical book, highly recommended.
  • Kruse (1993)[6] runs an Bertrand-Edgeworth duopoly experiment with different rationing rules and a U-shaped average cost curve.
  • Kruse et al. (1994)[7] run a Bertrand-Edgeworth experiment with convex demand and 4 firms.

There are more experimental papers. I will be adding those when I am in a mood to read read / look through them. There does not seem to be a single computer experiment on Bertrand-Edgeworth games.

Somewhat different but related: the nonlinear dynamics group from Amsterdam have conducted experiments where participants play in simple strategies rather than actions.

  • Sonnemans et al. (2004)[8]
  • Hommes et al. (2005)[9]

Empirical Literature

There is a lot of literature on price dispersion in various industries. I will add some classics here later on.


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