Technical Issues

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  • Typesetting math is not configured yet.
  • Emails are not configured yet. Do we need them, for getting informed about updates and such?
  • Add URL rewriting (so that page addresses look like on wikipedia)
  • SVG + MathML rendering of math requires a new feature, see This has been resolved starting with MW 1.31
  • Mobile version of the website is not configured
  • There is not template for journal citations (can be copied from wikipedia, albeit wikipedia version requires Lua, see
  • News page should be replaced with a mailing list. Discussion pages are good for a large wiki, but for a smaller community a mailing list is more convenient, imho. It would be best to integrate it with the wiki, say add "Mailinglists" tab next to "Watchlist", so everyone can easily subscribe, unsubscribe and add new mailining lists. (There is no ready made extension it seems.)
  • Would be nice to have Affiliation and Homepage fields in user's preferences; this info can then be used for the list of participants.
  • Windows and Linux versions of Python seem to generate different random numbers, so the results are not precisely reproducible on all computers.